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Recoveredish Podcast.

The Recoveredish Podcast was born on a Sunday afternoon in April of 2020 with a little idea, a lot of holy shit-ness, and eventually a borrowed microphone.

Spanning the recovery space in the podcast world, I found support for sobriety and podcasts from professionals and clinicians, but not much in the realm of personal experience and not much in the realm of mental health, eating disorders, or recovery as a whole – when it’s a very similar path regardless of where your journey is rooted.

This is where Recoveredish comes in. We explore the world through the recovery lens and dive into numerous topics as we learn to be present in it and find our way back to ourselves.

Recoveredish is English for recovery never ends. It’s something you work at every single day and choose every single day for the rest of your life, and in that sense, we’re recovered-ish. We never quite reach this elusive recovered land of gold and glitter where we’re no longer learning, tested through our struggles, and working to better ourselves.

For even more about the podcast, listen to episode one here:

Amanda Gist, your host.

Hi, I’m Amanda, a professional speaker, an author, and a passionate storyteller. I love mac & cheese, thunderstorms, dark roast coffee, The Lumineers, and my rescue dog, Haylie. I worked as an actor in Hollywood for five years until severe depression and bulimia took over my life.

My road of recovery has been the hardest thing I’ve ever taken on, and there’s been countless times I’ve felt so fucking alone. In crowds full of people. In rooms with clinicians. At dinners with my family. In the isolation and darkness of my own mind. 

There’s things I wish I’d known would be affected by my recovery, like: dating, money, friendships, my home, my work, basically, every single thing in my life.

Recoveredish dives into those things so that you don’t have to experience them alone, so you have some semblance of what to expect and how to move through them and that you’re in amazing company.

Those on the path to recovery are my favorite people. The people who have walked through hell and chosen to come back from it. I honor you. I root for you. I love you.

For more about me and my story, listen to episode two of the podcast here:


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